Jacob Jepson

School of Aviation

Hi, my name is Jacob and I’m here at California Aeronautical University for my associate degree. I’ve always liked aviation and airplanes in general since I was very young. And when it came time to choose what I wanted to do for my career in high school senior year I figured why not do what I’ve liked since I was a little child.

I chose this school because it’s right on an international airport and there are dorms that we can live where we walk about a minute to where we’re standing now (on the ramp) – that’s a great plus. Also, there are just amazing people here. They draw you in and push you on the right path and make sure you succeed.

We have an instructor, Alex, who’s been helping me and another student get ready for check rides and pretty much know everything we need to know for that check ride. And he’s made sure to make sure we know it, so he really helps us.

My favorite thing about being here at this school is definitely the flying. It’s an amazing thing to be flying over cities and towns and just miles at a time.