Keaton Hutchins

School of Aviation

I like that you wake up and can just walk over and get to go fly. It’s not like you’re driving from far away and commuting or flying is a hassle. You literally wake up and you know your schedule days in advance so you wake and you fly. I think it’s amazing to just wake up and take a plane out every day. The first time I soloed, it was a big deal. I can’t believe they let me take a plane up by myself for the first time. It was really nerve-racking but when get up there, you just go through everything your instructor has been going through, it’s amazing.

I fly this morning by myself. It’s a big deal. My favorite thing so far has been doing my solo. The first time I got to take a plane up by myself. It was incredible because I was very nervous thinking about getting the plane up in the air and bringing it back down all by my lonesome. I just went over everything I did with our instructor and just kept going through it. When you get up there, you just have to breathe and keep going.

My favorite thing so far with the instructors is that there are enough of them for us. So it’s not like one instructor to ten students. It’s like one instructor for every 3 or 4. So you really get sit-down time with them. And if you ever need more help, they’re always willing to go into their office or call them. We have an instructor named Alex who’s spent hours on hours with us outside of our classes, getting us ready. We just sit down with him and he drills us. He has a lot of knowledge. He recently graduated too and he’s a great instructor. Having that amount of knowledge from the instructor instilled on us is amazing because they bring stuff out of nowhere that I never knew.

If I didn’t know it, I wouldn’t have passed my test. They’re very helpful. Something that really made me want to come here is the single living dorms and bathrooms. That’s a huge deal for me. Being able to have my own space, my own bathroom to take care of myself and not have to worry about dealing with a messy roommate or something like that. It’s a real luxury that we have here and I appreciate it. Well, with my other classmates, we’re a really tight-knit group. So far, there are only two groups of us here. We have our first five and then our next four.

The first five are really tight because it was only us five here. We called ourselves the flying five. And when the other four came, they really joined in really well. We help them when we can. We all hang out on the weekends. We have a volleyball court where we can play volleyball on. Last night after class, we all went swimming because it gets so hot. It’s really a great time…Living on the airport. I think that’s pretty amazing. We listen to all kinds of jets and planes and helicopters just come through all day. If you ever get bored you can go play basketball watch planes take off, or swim and you can see it all right from our campus really. Living on the airport is just amazing.