Tanner Henderson

School of Aviation

I’m in the bachelor’s degree program at California Aeronautical University. I’ve always loved aviation. It’s always been a great thing. Ever since I was little, I’ve loved flying and being up in the sky so I decided might as well try and make a career out of it. So far, I love it. I picked this school because it’s local and it’s new. I toured everything and I knew that they really cared about all the students. I wasn’t just going to be another student.

I love the instructors. They’re all super nice. One of the really good instructors is Alex. He’s a younger instructor. He came here, and is a really big help. Anytime you have any questions or anything, he’s always there to ask. You can always find him around campus. He lives here on campus with us. He’s more like family so you’re never really scared to ask him anything. He’ll help you out.

I love that everybody is knowledgeable about aviation. Pretty much you can go anytime and ask anybody about anything and they’ll help you out. They’re very open about everything. We fly pretty much every single day. It’s definitely a different experience the first time we went up [to fly]. It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Just knowing that you’re flying and you’re in control of the plane, it’s definitely a great experience.