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Cockpit Distractions | CAU

Fools, Babies, and Pets in the Cockpit

In the news recently was a report of an issue some fellow airline passengers had with a woman who had brought an ostensible “service animal” with her on a commercial flight.  The animal was supposedly there to be a necessary, therapeutic companion.  Apparently, the woman needed the animal’s succor to be able to sit civilly in an airplane passenger compartment....

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Great Flight Instructor At CAU

Great Flight Instructor Or Horrible Flight Instructor

Thinking about becoming a pilot?  Anyone who wants to fly needs to be taught by a competent instructor.  If you’re not in the military, you get to choose who will teach you, and it’s a much bigger decision that it first seems to be. Like in all things, you can have a great flight instructor or horrible one, and it makes...

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First Time Passenger | Cal Aero

Taking a First Time Passenger Flying

A freshly-minted pilot’s first thought is invariably very exciting:  I want to take my friends or family up into the air while I’m at the controls!  Of course, there’s another agenda, even if we don’t always admit it:  Most new pilots with their private pilot certificate like showing off, at least a little.  And pilots should be completely okay with...

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