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Cockpit Distractions | CAU

Fools, Babies, and Pets in the Cockpit

In the news recently was a report of an issue some fellow airline passengers had with a woman who had brought an ostensible “service animal” with her on a commercial flight.  The animal was supposedly there to be a necessary, therapeutic companion.  Apparently, the woman needed the animal’s succor to be able to sit civilly in an airplane passenger compartment....

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Dead Bug Landings | CAU

Dead Bug Landings

Most fields of endeavor have tricks of the trade or rules of thumb that help practitioners take care of business more easily. For example, one trick to parallel-parking a normal car in countries where we drive on the right side of the road is to wait to turn the steering wheel hard right until you, the driver, is aligned with...

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Small Planes | CAU

7 Things Passengers Should Know About Small Planes

People pretty much know how to behave as passengers on a jetliner as opposed to small planes.  Sure, some people, the outliers, do ridiculous things like argue with and threaten the flight attendants (federal offense!), or try to open the cockpit door or escape doors during flight.  Instead, we the majority tighten our seat belts when we’re supposed to, return...

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Flying An Airplane Vs. Being Flown | CAU

The Awesome and Surprising Experience of Flying an Airplane

Unlike actually flying an airplane, virtually all of us have been passengers in one.  If we’re in an airliner, we watch the flight attendants move around the cabin and act predictably.  We’ll hear cabin announcements made by the cockpit crew and, if we’re extremely lucky, we will even be able to hear the announcement well enough to understand what they’re...

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First Time Passenger | Cal Aero

Taking a First Time Passenger Flying

A freshly-minted pilot’s first thought is invariably very exciting:  I want to take my friends or family up into the air while I’m at the controls!  Of course, there’s another agenda, even if we don’t always admit it:  Most new pilots with their private pilot certificate like showing off, at least a little.  And pilots should be completely okay with...

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